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65" tv's - Samsung Q7F vs Sony xe9305 vs Sony xe9005 vs LG b
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Hello all,

As the titles says just wanting to know if anyone has had to make these decisions for 65inch versions?

The reason I've added the B7 is I do like the picture quality a lot however I do pause my sky box alot and do watch various news channels with bright static banners so with all the horror stories with OLED I'm swaying towards led TV now to stay on the safe side..:/.

Prices give or take are all within £500 difference I believe except the xe9005?

Is there a huge difference between the FALD xe9005 vs not FALD but edge back lit+ xe9305? The only review I can see is from Rtings. Also I think Sony xe9005 has x1 chip but xe9305 has the extreme x1 chip which they have in their flagships which enables dolby vision (future proof) not sure if Samsung Q7F will support dolby vision?

I've not heard much raving reviews on the Samsung entry level Q7F so would be nice to hear from anyone on this? I believe this isn't FALD?

I love watching movies/streaming services and sky TV (F1 racing, game of thrones and news, BBC etc). I do pause my sky TV for more than 30 minutes at times if I get busy with something else. Lastly I don't watch TV in complete pitch black either there will always be lighting on in the room.

For more you can check

motion graphics video examples

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