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55" LED-LCD I think I found the right one, then!
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I have decided to replace a 10 year old 40" Sony 720p TV that is up in our Bonus room... Due to the location and available space I have decided 55" is the largest set that will really fit with in the constraints of the room ...so I want to stay at that range ( I thought I"d be able to go to a 65" but it just will not fit the area.... so I figure going from 40 to 55" will be a nice jump.

Yes, I know Oled, QLed and other new panels are the talk of the town but I am not going to spend the kind of money they are asking for them right now... So, saying that .. is there any "Non Hype" explanations of the panels that just easily show the difference. I am shooting for a "Bright" screen for the room (and as one gets older the more light we need to see things). I"ve seen Suhd, Premium UHD, plain old UHD... it seems like the marketing groups stay up late to create more confusion for us consumers. Even now one I see claims "Nano Technology"

It seems like in reading this forum and others Samsung has been having a variety of issues with quality ... I had really started to look at their 8000 and 9000 line but have shifted to the LG line with "Nano Technology" which seem to have a fairly bright panel. But, I've not seen much on the LG line on this forum.

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